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Forecasting of colours & Fabrics for all seasons

Our continues studio of trends in Fashion help in forecasting for our customer to promote their products & Regain market share


We offer perfect and customized forecast of colour and fabrics. We also provide, special spinning of spun yarn or yarn of any types, special weaving, Fabric Processing, embroidery, pleating, speciality finishes, etc..." We charge very nomially and our services are perfect.

According to color marketing groups the line between male and female color preference has disappeared. All colors in fashion are now acceptable for men's as well as woman's clothing. This trend is evidenced by men confidently wearing brightly colored accessories. Continuing in this direction, fully satured powerful reds and violets with bluish undertones are the predicted color choices for both sexes.

Forcasters say clothing color, regardless of the season, will be bright with increased sheen, making the matte noncolors of the obsolete. Although black remains the " color of choice" in apparel for the young adult woman, vivid accessories and outerwear is acceptable. Lots of sparkle and beading in fabrics offsets black's usually hostile personality, giving it a more lively appearance.

Brilliant silks and taffetas in magenta in this field, blue green, violet and red-orange in full saturation complete with the current reds and blues.

The Importance of color forecasts and color trends

Color change affects thousands of industries and also affects artists, crafts-people, manufacturers, suppliers, vendors and support services from the drawing boards and computers to the home or place of business. A new color or color scheme fives new life to an old product. It also gives life to a number of collateral industries responsible for introducing and maintaining the latest " in" look.

The world economy depends on product viability as well as product "buy-ability". If the product sells, it is certain that the color forecasting and therefore color trends played a large part in that sale and perhaps may have defined the color trends for the decade.

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